Tips on Teamwork, Read and Heed

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Five Ways to Make a Good Team Go Bad

  1. Make sure they aren’t allowed to make meaningful decisions. Remind them of this on a regular basis. The better you are at micromanagement, the easier this will be. You’ll know you are succeeding when meeting attendance can barely be achieved, even when it is mandatory, and team members actively avoid each other at the coffee station.
  2. Avoid, at all costs, any Role diversity on the team. (That is to say, diverse styles of thinking and problem-solving.) The more people think and act alike, the less resistance there will be.
  3. Create a culture of disrespect and mistrust, and above all, prevent any form of faith in the future from becoming part of it. A truly controlling, anti-innovation organization can become quite powerful, developing cult-like allegiance. It forces people into dysfunctional Roles for survival – a condition that spreads like crabgrass, and ensures that your good people will continue to form bad teams, no matter what their mission.
  4. Remember that knowledge is power. Keep your team in the dark. This demonstrates clearly that you don’t trust them. And sprinkling a little disinformation here and there is great for tripping up anyone with an urge to show some initiative.
  5. Demonstrate the same lack of respect for people that you would show to an interchangeable part. Make sure they know they can easily be replaced.

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