Liars, the Whole Damn Lot of ‘Em

September 25, 2010 at 12:22 pm Leave a comment

This is a prime example of how industry and government collude and delude each other. They both blow–with the wind.

Recent article says: “The offshore outsourcing of American manufacturing and services jobs went into high gear over the past two years, as the economy fell into recession and companies continued to shift their production offshore. Despite the occasional anecdote in the press about companies “insourcing” jobs back to the United States from abroad, the number of direct job losses due to outsourcing and cheap imports picked up considerably in 2009.” This is Manufacturing and Technology News talking. Like this is some new insight…give me a break.

Guess what? Offshoring has been bad for US jobs from Day One. George Bush lied between his teeth and said the business strategy would create jobs and it killed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Now we are living with a virtually jobless recovery in part because the Federal Government gave tax breaks to US companies to send work offshore.Hopefully the Obama Administration will have the guts to stick up for American jobs.

Historically, offshoring of work has been pretty good for US companies, BUT it has always been bad for US jobs and economic development.

I hate liars.


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