Recycling Generational Stereotypes: Does This End with Gen Y?

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation” (Again, and again, and again…)

Have you seen the news? Read the articles? Heard the talking heads?

They say young people are “lazy” and “entitled”. It’s said that young people – the entire generation – will never amount to much.

I came across a Time Magazine article the other day that really bothered me. It was another older person talking down to my generation. The article described us this way: “They have trouble making decisions. They would rather hike in the Himalayas than climb a corporate ladder.” It said we’re a generation that “postpones growing up” pointing out that “fully 75% of young males 18 to 24 years old are still living at home, the largest proportion since the Great Depression.” We’re apparently the “New Petulants” because we “can often end up sounding like whiners.”

What?! We’re “whiners” just because we don’t want to live the same lives as our parents?!

More here.

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Training Staff for Fundraising

This a a good one. Fundraising is the lifeline activity for any nongovernmental organization (NGO), yet it is the most challenging task for us all. This is because there are so few resources available and too many seekers reaching them out. In such cases, only organizations that are competitive, responsive and creative succeed. But to be competitive, responsive and creative, it is important to become professional enough. Professionalism is about applying high business tactics to survive the growing competition in the world. In fund-raising, professionalism is necessary. Read the article here.

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Five Quarters of Economic Gains

The U.S. economy grew for the fifth consecutive quarter, with real gross domestic product up 2 percent in the third quarter.  This and other trends can be found in the update of the Quarterly Indicators: The Economy and Small
Business for the third quarter of 2010. We are not out of the woods yet folks! Quarterly Indicators: See the Economy and Small Business.

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Twelve Crazy Regulations Small Businesses Must Deal With

OK, this is a MUST read! Even with all of the massive economic problems that the United States is facing, if the government is not using common sense in many cases. In America today, it is rapidly getting to the point where it is nearly impossible to start or to operate a small business. The federal government, the state governments and local governments are cramming thousands upon thousands of new ridiculous regulations down business owners’ throats each year. It would take a full team of lawyers just to even try to stay informed about all of these new regulations. Click here to see 12 of the most absurd government regulations created by government.

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Follow Your Heart and Intuition

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary” ~Steve Jobs

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Utah Lures California Companies

Companies are getting the message. Over the past two years California companies like Adobe Systems, eBay, Electronic Arts, Oracle and Twitter have expanded in Utah. The Tax Foundation weighed in last week on the business tax climates of each state. Utah ranked 9th best, while California was 49th (only New York fared worse). Utah lowered its corporate income tax rate in 2008 from 7% to 5% which is one of the lowest in the country. If you want to gauge the regulatory climate by the numbers, consider the Pacific Research Institute which publishes its Economic Freedom Index. When it comes to regulatory environment it ranks Utah 2nd and California 49th

Read the Forbes story here.

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New State New Economy Index

Many jobs lost in the recession are never coming back and job creation is expected to be sluggish for years. This has created an imperative to develop new jobs, business models and industries. The states are on the front line of this effort and it is more important than ever for them to embrace innovation and the New Economy. ITIF will unveil the latest data on how the states are doing in efforts to be competitive in the global, entrepreneurial, innovation- and knowledge-based New Economy. How did Washington State do? The report builds on previous reports that go back more than a decade and uses 26 indicators to assess the states’ efforts to succeed in the innovation economy. See how the states rank and learn about what has worked and where progress is needed in the 2010 State New Economy Index.

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